Summer Vibes

So according to twitter its 40 days until GLASTONBURY! Actually can't believe its been a year since I was literally melting in the sun, fighting off old women for the inch of shade behind the ice-cream van. The REALLY good thing is that this year i'm not working so can literally PARTY all weekend!! which is awesome. I haven't really looked at the line-up that much i put my trust in the Eavis' to deliver. I am however completely obsessed with fleet foxes new album, (Just ask Em i'm sure i'm doing her head in playing it at work.) and yesterday while getting really excited about pushing all the tents together and making a MASSIVE tent party me and my pal Lucy discovered that fleet foxes are playing glasto! YAY! Just 40 days of finding the perfect threads to wear and getting in the festival vibes to go!!

In the meantime listen to this, its pretty damn good!

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