Styling Genius

On a recent trip to London, I fell in love with the current window displays of Selfridges. I think they are possibly THE most fantastic windows i've seen in a long time. They are quirky, unique and utterly eye-catching, i love love loved the oversized pocket watches! I want one!



For the past two weeks I have had a slight break from the normal stress of my course and have been doing a styling elective. For this we were required to work in groups to develop a concept and produce a photoshoot,shop window display,magazine article and catwalk show. Working on the idea of androgyny and femminist rebellion we produced these photos....


Cool Rules?

After a recent seminar where we read a Guardian article 'The Myth of Cool' which opined that cool was basically a conspiracy dreamed up by the UK record industry and an American ice-cream manufacturer,it got me thinking, what is cool?..what do you have to be to be cool?..hedonistic? Narcissictic? ironic? or can you be both 'cool' and good? A lot of 'cool' comes from the music and fashion industry. Your the frontman of a band,therefore your cool,you dress head-to-toe in Marc Jacobs,does this also make you cool? Personally i think its more than just a way of looking,talking or doing. Its a way of being.