Liberty and Luella do christmas

Fashion’s queen of whimsy Luella Bartley has teamed up with Liberty for a Christmas extravaganza...
its nearly Christmas! well 33 days to be exact, but now Halloween and bonfire night have been and gone, i feel its almost time to start feeling festive.
I felt very festive on a recent trip to the capital city, in particular upon visit to the Liberty's Luella grotto. The infamous designer has curated the window displays with patriotic Christmas household scenes,snow covered landscapes and a variety of stuffed creatures.

Even in store the winter wonderland continued with snow covered stands displaying 'Christmas stocking fillers' starting from about £80, not the most cheap and cheerful stocking known, but magical non the less.
You may want to hurry as this could be one of Luella's last kitsch delights as the designer announced that the label would no longer be trading....

futuristic blade runner meets city slicker

The day began at around 6.30,as part of our Topman live project we had decided as a group it would probably be best if we actually went and saw the current collection to try a gain a clearer idea as to what sort of level of design we should be working too and what styles were in the current collection.
Five Starbucks later and i was almost alert enough to trape around the bustling streets of London.
The Oxford circus top man had recently had a complete refurbishment, and now sits on two floors above the Topshop store...
I was slightly disappointed that i had travelled all the way from Nottingham to see that two back wall fixtures made up the whole of the Topman Design section, and this was meant to be the flagship store?
I found the collection rather dull and lacking in manufacture quality in some pretty basic areas, seeing as in my brief i was informed that the talented team of designers would put themselves along side the likes of Phillip Lim and James Long...
To give some credit to them, the collection was far more fashion forward than other lines in store.

The next point of interest on our trip was Berwick street, here we found a plethora of fabric shops, being a Berwick street virgin i was slightly overwhelmed by the vast amounts of fabrics that were on offer...i left with far too many fabric samples and feeling more confused about fabric choice than ever before!
.....finally, we payed a visit to R.D Franks possibly one of the most fantastic fashion bookstores i have ever visited....the sheer volume of books and magazines was something quite extraordinary.. after perusing the shelves i decided it would probably be best to buy a menswear magazine, so seven pounds later i was walking out feeling satisfied if yet slightly less well off...more well off however than a friend of mine who managed to justify forty pounds on a copy of view magazine, which left us all feeling envious yet glad that we had resisted the temptation of the glossy filled pages of fashion heaven!


A night of colour.cocktails and collections

After slaving over sewing machines for 12 weeks the fashion design students at ntu are holding a fashion show to let the students of nottingham see their talents.
Saturday, November 21st
Bluu Bar, lace market. Nottingham
its all kicking off at seven,so pop along and see whats going on!
would be lovely to see you x

Give the gift of friendship

With mine and my housemates current hills obsession,I've noticed this little delight hanging on most of the casts wrists. Its quite upsetting that its possible to charge £40 for a bit of string and a heart, Christmas is fast approaching, this peace and love bracelet will look lovely on all your favourite females...this ones for you Lucy!

Welcome to my blog

After my dearest friend sarah came home from uni and told me she'd be asked to put together a blog for part of her course, i decided to jump on the blog bandwagon and make one for myself.

i'm forever noticing things around me that interest and inspire me, and putting them all in one area seems an ideal way of documenting all this.