So in less than two weeks I will be heading back to Nottingham for the last in a four year attempt to make something of my life. I'm off to Paris first thou, to be inspired and hopefully figure out what i'm going to make next year. Octobers looking like its guna be a pretty awesome month too, events such as Bombay gigs, Horrors gigs, house parties, my birthday ( which also happens to be the release date for the strange boys new album, winner) , then theres the boring shit like work, dissertations etc.... This summers been pretty good, maybe not the best, but some REALLY good times.



Went to see pygmalion yesterday in Covent Garden. Its basically the play that lead to the musical my fair lady. As much as I love my fair lady i wasn't sure what to really expect. The casting was reallyyy good ( Rupert Everett is a BABE!) and I would definitely recommend you go see it!

Dinner at Christophers with Chess


Baby Orangutans are fucking CUTE!

So this weekend there was a load of french guys staying at my friends flat with us. They were over here to play the PNKSLM party (some rad party that happens once a month at the old blue in shoreditch) half of them were in a band called Catholic spray and the other half were in a band that sounds something like teenage mutant ninja turtles?
ANYWAY, one of them was adamant that baby orangutans were literally the cutest thing ever, he then preceded to tell how weird this was as baby humans are 'fucking ugly'. I'm still not convinced, more of an elephant kinda gal.



So apparently if you buy make up in Top Shop at the mo you get a load of free shit that their calling a 'festival survival kit', pretty sure i'm going to need more than this to survive Glasto but everyone loves free make-up. thanks guys!

Car boot junk is the new vintage.

So this weekend me and Em ( my boss and companion over at make lemonade) went to my home town of Milton Keynes, I attempted to showed her the 'sights' ( just ended up in the local starbucks) and then made her get up an un-holy hour to sell a shit load of junk. We were harassed as soon as we got out the car by middle-aged men demanding electrical goods and for some reason shoes? In the last desperate hour trying to make any amount of money I found myself giving clothes away for 50p and by the very end I was pleading people to take stuff off me (desperate times) despite all this we had a laugh and made a few bob doing so.


Summer Vibes

So according to twitter its 40 days until GLASTONBURY! Actually can't believe its been a year since I was literally melting in the sun, fighting off old women for the inch of shade behind the ice-cream van. The REALLY good thing is that this year i'm not working so can literally PARTY all weekend!! which is awesome. I haven't really looked at the line-up that much i put my trust in the Eavis' to deliver. I am however completely obsessed with fleet foxes new album, (Just ask Em i'm sure i'm doing her head in playing it at work.) and yesterday while getting really excited about pushing all the tents together and making a MASSIVE tent party me and my pal Lucy discovered that fleet foxes are playing glasto! YAY! Just 40 days of finding the perfect threads to wear and getting in the festival vibes to go!!

In the meantime listen to this, its pretty damn good!


Guess who's back

So haven't blogged in over a year now, but recently theres been ALOT going on and taking this up again seems a good way of keeping on track of it all!
Here's a look at what i've been up too over the past year....


Styling Genius

On a recent trip to London, I fell in love with the current window displays of Selfridges. I think they are possibly THE most fantastic windows i've seen in a long time. They are quirky, unique and utterly eye-catching, i love love loved the oversized pocket watches! I want one!